Frensham Cricket Club has a policy relating to transporting children to and from matches and training.

Parents / Carers are responsible for the safe delivery and collection of their child for matches or training.

Coaches and Club Staff will be responsible for the Children in their care when on the Club premises or on arrival at opponents’ cricket ground subject to the following:

a) For Players in school years 6 and below:

Parents/ Carers remain responsible for their children until such time as the child has been registered for training or the Parent/ Carer has met the Team Manager with their child when participating in a match.

Parent/ Carers are required to be present at the location of the training or match at its pre-advised end time. Responsibility passes back to them at that time, or at the end of the match or club supervised training if this is later.

If any Parent/ Carer is not present at that time Frensham Cricket Club will use the emergency contact information provided on the Player Profile Form to locate an alternative adult. Frensham Cricket Club will execute its duty of care towards any child so affected.

b) For Players in school years 7 and above

Frensham Cricket Club recognizes that older children can be more responsible for their actions.

For training sessions Frensham Cricket Club will take responsibility for children from the time that the child personally informs the coach of their arrival until the pre-advised end time of the session.

For matches Frensham Cricket Club will take responsibility for children from the time that the child meets with the Team Manager at the ground where the match is to played until five minutes after the end of the match.

At all other times responsibility for the child rests with the Parent/ Carer

It is not the responsibility of the Coach or Team Manager to transport, or arrange to transport, the children to and from the Club or match.