In any given season the potential exists for 50% of matches to be away from the club. This statistic does not include tours and festivals or similar events. It is sensible therefore for a club to have a robust and considered generic protocol in place that will be able to fit all occasions, in order for it to demonstrate the Club’s duty of care for children in the team

This policy therefore covers the subject of children being taken away from the club’s normal base location / home ground.

It is important to stress that these guidelines also apply to adult teams where one or more players are under the age of 18.

A Team Manager will be appointed with clear roles and responsibilities. Such responsibilities should include for them to:

  • Establish and communicate the following information to Parent(s):
  • Why the trip is planned – it’s reason /purpose
  • When the trip will take place – date, times including time of departure and estimated time of return
  • Where the trip is to – destination, venue
  • Meeting points – at the home and/or the away venue as appropriate
  • Staffing arrangements – Name and contact details for the Team Manager responsible for the trip
  • Kit / equipment requirements
  • Cost implications – i.e. competition fee, spending / pocket money,
  • Name and contact number of the person acting as the ‘Club Home Contact’
  • Arrangements for food and drink
  • Ensure they have a written copy of the relevant emergency contact details and any medical information with them during the away trip, for all children who are taking part in the trip for whom they have a duty of care
  • Determine appropriate Staffing and Staff Training arrangements

In addition, they must ensure that there is a ‘Club Home Contact’ – i.e. a member of the Club who is not traveling away, who will act as a contact point if required in an emergency situation and ensure that the ‘Club Home Contact’ is provided with the following information to enable them to fulfil their role should they need to do so:

  • The names of the players and staff on the trip,
  • Emergency contact names and phone numbers for each of the above persons
  • Details of any medical or physical needs any of these persons may have
  • Contact numbers for the staff which can be used whilst the staff are on the trip
  • Telephone numbers for the Police local to the home club

The Club Home Contact should be a member of the club who has been CRB checked